Our currant - the queen of berries

Our determined Styrian soft fruit growers began to step up the production of currants in the early 1960s. Since the early days of the soft fruit cooperative, currants have been a fixture in Styria, and have now become a tradition. The region's excellent climatic conditions coupled with the diligence of our soft fruit growers are the cornerstone of our well-regulated and high-quality production processes. The growers have many decades of experience and receive additional support from production consultants; this allows them to determine the perfect harvest time. The Styrian soft fruit cooperative thus stands for perfect ripeness and top quality. We offer black and red currants, either organically grown or in compliance with near-natural principles. The berries are harvested from mid-June to mid-July. Only small harvest crates are used to ensure the berries are not damaged during transport from the field to the cold storage buildings.

Health effects
Currants are rich in vitamin C, making them a great regional source of vitamin C.

Areas of application:
Our currants are produced in compliance with organic and certified near-natural principles and are used as ingredient in the following products:

- naturopathic products
- pharmaceutical products
- natural colourings
- juice products




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