Our chokeberry – a true fountain of youth

At the turn of the millennium, clever soft fruit growers came across these berries and imported the first seedlings from neighbouring countries. The chokeberry (also called apple berry) originally comes from Canada, from where it was imported to Europe in the middle of the 20th century. It has enjoyed great popularity in Styria ever since. The large catchment area of the soft fruit cooperative provides our customers with excellent supply reliability. The chokeberry is grown at different altitudes, which means harvest times vary and the harvesting season is longer. This allows us to supply fresh chokeberries for a longer period of time. Chokeberries are harvested from mid-August to the beginning of October.

Health effects
The high polyphenol and anthocyanin content has stress-reducing properties, is good for the cardiovascular system and even helps prevent cancer.

Areas of application
Our chokeberries are produced in compliance with organic and certified near-natural principles and are used as an ingredient in the following products:
- naturopathic products
- natural colourings
- juice products





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