Welcome to the Styrian soft fruit cooperative!

Since our foundation in 1962 we have been producing fine berries in the federal states of Styria, Burgenland and Lower Austria. We now have some 700 contract farmers who grow black and red currants, elderberries, elderflowers and chokeberries, either conventionally or in compliance with EU organic standards.

We are proud that our fruit, especially elder, are in demand not just in Austria, but throughout the EU and all the way to China. It is important to us that we always deliver the same high quality to our customers from the different sectors, such as the beverage and food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

On request, we provide additional services together with our subsidiary Beerenfrost Kühlhaus GmbH, which include simple restacking, labelling, refilling into standard packaging sizes, cleaning, destalking and electronic grading according to required quality levels as well as freezing.

Since our first small harvest in 1976 we now produce 10,000 t per year. We meet the growing demand with new cultivation areas and additional storage capacity.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer or member of our cooperative!


Beerenobstgenossenschaft eGen

Hans-Thalhammer-Straße 28
8501 Lieboch / Steiermark / Austria

T: +43(0)3136.62002