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Our soft fruit growers produce premium soft fruit on an area of more than 1,700 ha in harmony with nature and in compliance with organic and certified near-natural practices:


Our Styrian elder – nature's most marvellous display of colour


Our elderflower – unique in aroma and quality

Black currant

Our black currant - the queen of berries

Red currant

Our red currant – organic, delicious and regional


Our chokeberry – a true fountain of youth

Our no. 1: Styrian elder

Alongside our chokeberries, and red and black currants, the elder is our most important berry variety. It is a luxury produce that can be used to make jams and fruit juices. Above all, however, it has many uses in the food industry in the form of natural fruit extract or colour extract, not-from-concentrate juice and concentrated juice. There is no other fruit that contains more of the red pigment anthocyanin. The substances contained in elder also make it interesting as an ingredient in food supplements, remedies and for the pharmaceutical industry. It is sought-after for its therapeutic effect, and there are more and more scientific studies that provide evidence for it.

Here in Styria, we have the largest elderflower cultivation area in the world. We deliver consistent premium quality that is clearly superior to other elder varieties and growing regions.

Our cooperative initiated, maintained and developed the cultivation of elder. Based on our many years of experience and in collaboration with fruit-growing experts and university researchers we continue to develop new elder varieties and improve existing ones. For us, the most important characteristics are those of our main variety, Haschberg: It is robust, it ripens evenly and it has a very intense colour.

The effort we have put into our elder is certainly one of the reasons that the fruit was voted medicinal plant of the year 1998 in Austria.


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